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November 2012 A Cynic Online Magazine Publication Volume 14 Issue 11 

This is Me
By Billy Harfosh - Contributing Poet

I perk right up
When she comes around
All of a sudden
My shirt is pressed
My teeth are white
My shoes are polished
My posture firm
My smile big and bold
She never fails
To impress me
She never fails
To amaze me
and I try
To be fake me
and I try
To look my best
and I try
To be on my best behavior
I never let her see me drunk
I never let her see me down
But that is me
That is me

She's too good
I'm not brave enough to show my dark colors
My inner demons
She loves me
The fake me

Then, in a flash
The others come out to play
I cannot control
When they come around
She sees my Lucifer

She's too good
and now I'm too brave
I perk right up
When she comes around
All of a sudden
My dark colors are exposed
I push her away
Because she is too good
I'm free
and I push her away
Because she is too close
This is me
This is me

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The Immigrant
By Afzal Moolla - Contributing Poet

Seeking solace.
Seeking a home.

The immigrant finds,

Rotten prejudice.
Fungal anger.

The immigrant,

alone, hoping for,

A solitary chance.

To belong.

The immigrant,

alone, always,

An outside entity.
Eternal outcast.

A viral threat.
A reeking odor.

The immigrant,

ever alone,

and alone knowing,
that no place exists,

but that lost home.

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By Rusty Porter - Contributing Poet

Excitement used to be
In between the sheets
Not in the thread count.

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The Pain of Memory
By Damion Hamilton - Contributing Poet

It's awful
You remember everything
You never forget
Every insult
Every bruise
Every scar
Every burn
Every nick
Every blow

You never forget

I never forget

The pain of memory

You think you forget

But you never forget

The dread of some wholly misfortune

The pain that left you breathless

You think you forgot

But you never forget

The silly pain of your life

And the older you get
The more pain is stored
In memory

I'll prove it

Drive to work

Or drive someplace

You have been dozens time

You remember every bump in the road

You never forget

You or me

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Aquatic Love
By Andrew Ellenberger - Contributing Poet

I can taste the ocean on your skin,
All its enigma and beauty lies within,
Underneath your surface veneer,
Are the waves breaking I hear,
Your heart is beating in rhythm with the tide,
My arms are open, my eyes gaping wide,
At you breathing serenely and sublime,
I will love you, my oceanic mystery, until the end of all time.

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By Taylor Risenhoover - Contributing Poet

All you'll ever be
Is just another faded memory
Too cold to even say goodbye
A grudge too tight to look me in the eye
And even though it was my best shot
It was all wasted, all for not
I have danced with disgust
And held this until it was no more than rust
But now fading is all it'll ever be
Another broken, faded memory.

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Slow Burn
By Susan Breeden - Contributing Poet

Emotions spent,
never replenished.
What once seemed
grand now seems small.
Feels like the
slowest simmer,
a fading away.
A logical reduction.

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By Marc Carver - Contributing Poet

I looked into the busy road
A heron was sat in the road
I looked at his sad, sad eyes.
Cars swerved around him as he begged for help
He did not want to die there.

I walked into the road, as a bus came toward me
Picked him up in my hands and the bus slowed
How soft were those feathers
I took him to a patch of grass and laid him down.

He started to gasp for air as I looked into his eyes
I saw that his time was up.
Death, as natural as life,
Had taken him.

I had never seen anything die before
And I hope,
That I never will again.

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